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Greetings from the Higher Institute for Professional Development and Training (HIPDET)!

Lately, vocational education was included among the top priorities of the Cameroon informal and formal education sectors. The good news is that current research data shows that vocational education graduates face relatively fewer difficulties in finding employment.

The HIGHER INSTITUTE FOR PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING as the name implies seeks to build professional capacities in young people, ushering them into lucrative careers. It is structured to fill existing gaps in the professional education system in Cameroon by introducing new productive fields of study; introducing an innovative practical-based approach of study and responding to employers’ specific needs for professionalism. To this end, our goal is to offer the necessary training to expand not only on chances to succeed at related examinations but also to increase professional suitability that instantly attracts employers in this era of economic competition. We take pride in our numerous partnerships with leading companies for the practical training we emphasize.

At HIPDET, we capitalize on the importance of training learners the secrets of performing highly and excelling on jobs. They amass much experience from the various practical operations performed during training, and with this qualification, their entry-level position into the industry of their choice is guaranteed.
In a nutshell, HIPDET programs are designed for those who:
Want to gain experience that can be applied to a range of professional contexts, including work experience
Want to benefit from the expertise and profound knowledge of seasoned professionals
Are interested in a practical occupational-based training approach that addresses the actual needs of employers

I take much delight to introduce HIPDET and hope you would enjoy going though this website to familiarize yourself with our vision, programs, methods, principles, operations and above all how we can help shape your future.

Atangche J. Vingalla,
Lead Promoter & President, Board of Trustees

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